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Welcome to the Net Price Calculator

Welcome to the Net Price Calculator for Babson College! You've come to the right place. Using the net price calculator, you can find out if you are likely to qualify for need-based financial aid as an undergraduate at Babson. You will also receive an estimate of your "net price," or out-of-pocket expenses. At Babson we are committed to educating students from a wide range of backgrounds and life experiences. We care deeply about making Babson affordable.

How does it work? The calculator measures the financial strength of your family and provides an average amount of need-based grants, scholarships, student loans and work-study available to undergraduate students in circumstances similar to yours. Your "net price" is the difference between your estimated financial aid and the cost of attending Babson.

  • Wow! Babson is the No. 1 Private Business School for ROI (PayScale, 2017, inclusive of financial aid). This is because of the quality of the educational experience both in and out of the classroom, the impressive graduation rate of Babson students and their success throughout their lives, and the $37 million in Babson grants and scholarships awarded annually.

In addition to need-based financial aid, Babson offers 4-year merit scholarships. They're awarded based on more than just SAT/ACT scores or your GPA, and because we evaluate students holistically the merit scholarships are not included in this calculator. In considering students for merit scholarships we look for a combination of academic excellence, intellectual curiosity, involvement in school and community activities, and leadership ability.

As you use Babson's calculator, here are some important things to keep in mind:

  1. Babson's calculator is intended for U.S. and Canadian citizens and permanent residents only. Link here for information about Babson's Global Scholarship Program and other scholarships and financing options for international students.
  2. The net price calculator will give you Babson's average aid eligibility and net price for students in circumstances similar to yours. Student Financial Services at Babson has the final word on your financial aid awards. Actual grant and scholarship amounts will vary - some students may receive more and some less.
  3. We encourage students and parents to work together to provide the most accurate data, and to talk about how you define value.
  4. The calculator is not designed to estimate financial aid for families where the parents are separated or divorced. Babson requires the CSS Profile from each parent.
  5. If your parents are self-employed or own a business, the results may not be accurate.  The tips along the way can help improve the reliability of the calculator results. 
  6. In order to receive full consideration for need-based financial aid, you must complete the College Scholarship Service PROFILE for Babson funds and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for federal and state funds by the deadlines listed on Babson's website.
  7. Babson commits to funding its grants and scholarships for all four years. Students can count on the same amount of Babson funding as offered for the first year, provided there is no change in the number of siblings attending an undergraduate program, and no major change in the family's financial circumstances.
  8. The cost of attendance, estimated family contribution, and estimated awards are based on Babson's policies for incoming students for the 2017-18 academic year. The policies could change for students being admitted in future years.
  9. Link here for information about Babson's merit scholarships, including the Weissman Scholarship which requires a separate application. 

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