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Welcome to the Net Price Calculator

Welcome to Boston University’s Net Price Calculator, a helpful tool for estimating your financial aid eligibility. Each year BU awards more than $200 million in need-based grants and merit awards to undergraduate students. In fact, nearly 3 of every 4 students who apply for financial aid and enroll at BU receive assistance.

Please keep in mind that this calculator only includes need-based financial assistance. It does not include all of the many generous merit-based scholarship opportunities Boston University has to offer. To learn more about these scholarship opportunities visit the BU Scholarships page.

Important notes about the Net Price Calculator:

  • This is not an application for admission or financial aid. Visit BU's website to learn more about applying for admission and financial aid at Boston University.
  • This calculator is a tool for prospective freshmen to estimate their net cost. It was not designed for use by international students, returning students, or graduate students.
  • Calculations provided are only an estimate of your eligibility for financial aid. Boston University will make the final determination of any financial aid award after you submit all application materials.
  • If you have foreign income, this calculator may not provide an accurate estimate.
  • This calculator works best for families that earn most of their income from wages. Families who are self employed may find that the results are less accurate.
  • If you have special financial circumstances not covered by the calculator, you may want to contact BU Financial Assistance to speak with a counselor. For example, the calculator is not designed to estimate financial aid for students whose parent are not married to each other unless they live together. BU requires the Noncustodial Parent PROFILE as part of the financial aid application and will calculate an estimated contribution for each parent.

Ready to begin?

The whole process should take no more than 20 minutes. Before you start, have the necessary financial forms on hand—the latest tax returns plus savings, investment and other asset information for student and parents.

One final note: we’d like to help make a Boston University education affordable for every qualified student who dreams of attending. The only way to know for certain what your own bottom-line costs will be — apply for admission and financial aid.

If you have questions about this calculator, please contact us by email or at 617-353-2965.

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