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Welcome to the Net Price Calculator

Welcome to Emory’s Net Price Calculator.  We're happy you are beginning to explore how to plan and pay for your college education. 

After you complete the calculator, we hope you will have a clearer picture of your financial aid possibilities.  Although the sticker price of education may seem daunting at first, many financial aid options are available which may result in a lower cost of education.  Your estimated net price is a better barometer of what your true costs may be.  Our goal is to help you explore these opportunities regardless of your financial background. 

Our net price calculator is designed to give you an early indication of how much and what types of financial aid you might qualify for if you were a college freshman attending school full-time in the 2015-16 academic year. You will also learn more about how much your family may be expected to contribute towards your college costs.  Emory's need-based financial aid awards are considered supplements to your family's ability to pay. 

Remember, freshmen may apply for admission to Emory College of Arts and Sciences and Oxford College.  While costs between these two freshman options vary, your estimated family contribution will be the same.  To calculate an estimated net price for each campus, select Emory College or Oxford College when prompted, save your information, and re-calculate your results after choosing the new campus location.  

  • How does it work? The calculator measures the financial strength of your family and uses other facts you provide to estimate the amount of grant and other financial aid that is likely to be available to you.

As you use the calculator, please remember:

  • This is not an application for admission.  
  • The results will only be as reliable as the data you provide.
  • The net price calculator will only give you an estimate of your net price and estimated aid eligibility.  To receive an actual freshman financial aid award for attendance at Emory, you must apply and be accepted for admission and complete the aid application process.
  • Your financial aid estimate will not include merit scholarships (aid based on academic achievement or special talents).  If you receive a merit award, it may be used to meet your financial need.
  • The calculator is intended to estimate a family contribution for students residing in the United States.  It does not apply to international students.  If you receive foreign income or have a complex tax filing circumstance, this calculator may not provide an accurate estimate.

Completing the calculator should take no more than 20 minutes of your time and includes some basic questions about your parents' financial situation.  Completing the Net Price Calculator with your parent(s) is recommended.  Please have your parents recent tax forms on hand before you begin.  Basic asset and investment information, such as the value and debt of your home will be asked as well. 

Thank you for considering Emory as your destination and good luck!

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