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Welcome to the Net Price Calculator

Welcome to The George Washington University’s Net Price Calculator. We are pleased that you are exploring how to plan and pay for your college education. Using this Net Price Calculator, you can find out your potential eligibility for financial aid and get an indication of what your “net price” or out-of-pocket expenses might be. Rather than shy away from applying for admission based on perceived costs, use the results from the net price calculator to make informed decisions about college affordability. Colleges have different resources and financial aid policies, so your “net price” will vary from institution to institution.

Regardless of your estimated results, keep in mind that if you want to come to GW, we want to make it a reality for you. Our goal is to provide every student with the best possible aid package. In addition, GW offers families the comfort of cost predictability through our Fixed-Tuition policy. GW’s tuition amount will remain the same for your entire undergraduate career, unlike tuition at most universities which increases yearly.

Please note that GW also awards merit scholarships to eligible students at the time of admission, and these awards are not reflected in the results from the Net Price Calculator. GW’s merit scholarships are based on qualities such as academic strength, athletic ability, artistic talent, and leadership potential. Receiving one of our merit scholarships may increase the amount of funding you receive from GW as well as reduce your out-of-pocket expenses as determined by this tool. Therefore, it is important to remember that the Net Price Calculator is designed to paint a picture of your need-based assistance eligibility based solely on financial criteria.

  • How does it work? Based on the information you provide, the calculator comes up with an estimate of what you and your family may be expected to contribute toward college costs at GW based on current costs. When we subtract your estimated family contribution from our total cost, we calculate your financial need. GW strives to meet this need through a combination of grants/scholarships, loans, and work study. This tool provides you with an estimate of the amounts of need-based grants/scholarships and other forms of financial aid that is likely to be available to you.

As you use this calculator, please keep in mind:

  1. This is not an application for admission or financial aid.
  2. Although not necessary, we suggest that you have both the student’s and the parents’ latest tax returns and information regarding savings, investments and other assets available to reference while completing the calculator questions.
  3. The results will only be as reliable as the data you provide.
  4. This calculator works best for families that earn most of their income from wages. Families who are self-employed may find the results are less accurate.
  5. This tool is intended to estimate a family contribution for prospective students who are U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents. It does not apply for international students.
  6. This tool is intended for students who plan to study as first time freshmen. It is not applicable to transfer, second bachelor's or off campus undergraduate students.

The results provided by the calculator are only estimates and are not official offers of financial aid. If you apply to GW, you will need to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and CSS Profile forms, by the deadlines, for consideration. Actual financial aid awards are determined by the GW Office of Student Financial Assistance.

For financial aid requirements and deadlines, please visit our website.

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