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Welcome to the Net Price Calculator

Welcome to the Net Price Calculator for Macalester College. Researching how much college will cost your family is an important step to take in learning how you can make the college of your choice an affordable option for your family. Rather than shy away from applying to colleges that seem to be out of your price range, results from the net price estimator will show you how affordable those institutions may be.



The calculator should be used as a tool for your family to plan for what your college costs might look like and how to pay for your estimated costs. The information entered into the calculator is not a financial aid application, and results will not be transmitted to Macalester College.

The calculator's result is not a legally binding contract. The Financial Aid Office at Macalester will make the final determination of your family's aid eligibility based on a review of all of the components of a completed financial aid application.


If your parents are divorced or separated, the calculator will work best if you calculate each parent's contribution separately. Add the two net prices together and subtract $9,300 to get your estimated net price.


The calculator's result may include a grant from Macalester. This grant is the estimated total amount of both need-based and merit-based aid that you might receive from Macalester.

  • This tool is designed to estimate eligibility for need-based financial aid. If the net price calculator shows no eligibility for grant assistance, it is possible that you may still be awarded a non-need-based scholarship (merit scholarship) at the time of admission. Please visit for more information about non-need-based scholarships.

Completing the calculator should take no more than 20 minutes of your time. You will need to answer some basic questions about your parents' financial situation so it might be helpful to have recent tax forms or pay stubs on hand before you begin.

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