Welcome to the University of Pennsylvania’s Net Price Calculator

We're glad you're taking the time to learn more about Penn and our generous financial aid program. Many times, students and their families shy away from applying to colleges that seem out of their price range. Penn has much to offer in the way of financial support to undergraduate students and is committed to continue this support, even in the current economy.

What sets Penn's financial aid program apart from most other schools ?

1.  Penn practices need-blind admissions, which means your Admissions decision is not affected by your ability to pay.

2. Penn will meet 100% of your demonstrated financial need for four years.  

3. Penn is one of the few schools in the country that has a no loan policy. No loans will be included in your financial aid package if you are a dependent undergraduate pursuing your first degree (unless you plan to enroll in the College of Liberal and Professional Studies [LPS]). The no loan policy makes it possible for you to graduate debt-free.

It is important to remember that Penn awards aid based solely on a family's demonstrated financial need. Like other Ivy League members, Penn does not award financial aid based on academic merit or athletic ability.

Who can use this calculator?
Penn's net price calculator is intended for use by:

  • Prospective students, including transfers, who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents. International students, please click here. The calculator is not intended for use by currently enrolled students.             

  • Prospective students who plan to enroll in an full-time day undergraduate degree program 
    (exceptions: LPS and the Accelerated Nursing Program).

    How close will this estimate be to an actual financial aid package?
    The net price calculator is limited in recognizing all facets of your family’s financial situation in the same way Penn will do once you actually apply. Are your parents self-employed? Do they own a business? Or, are they divorced or separated?  The calculator is limited in reviewing these situations and may not provide realistic results.

Penn reviews actual financial aid applications on an individual basis to fairly assess what a family can afford to pay toward education. You must apply for financial aid to receive an official financial aid package from Penn's Student Financial Services Office.


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    Helpful Hints

    • Have your parents and your own most recent tax returns and W-2 forms available when you enter information into the calculator. The more accurate the numbers, the better the estimate.
    • Penn requires additional applications other than the FAFSA. When you're ready to apply for financial aid, be sure to visit our website for instructions on how to apply 
    • If you are interested in the Accelerated Nursing Program or the College of Liberal & Professional Studies (LPS) for adult students, please visit their websites for additional financial aid information. 
    • The information you enter is confidential. Neither Penn nor the College Board will have access to it.

Thank you for your interest in Penn. For additional information about Penn's financial aid program, please see our brochure  Your dreams. Our commitment.  We wish you the best as you begin your college search! 


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