Welcome to the Waynesburg University Net Price Calculator (NPC)! The University is pleased that you are not only exploring how to plan and pay for your college education but, more importantly, that you are considering our institution. Waynesburg University is committed to assist you in attaining all of your academic and career goals.

By using the NPC, you can determine both your financial aid eligibility and your estimated out-of-pocket expenses. Rather than shy away from applying to a college that may seem to be too expensive, the NPC will show you how affordable that school may be. 

Even if you are not going to college in the near future, the NPC can be helpful. You can use this tool to learn about  college costs and receive early financial aid information. You can create "what if" scenarios based on expected family income and anticipated expenses, and then you can plan and save well before you actually apply to college.

Colleges and universities have different resources and financial aid policies, so your "net price" will vary from school to school. Also, special circumstances (Loss of employment, reduction in income, etc...) are considered by schools on a case-by-case basis. If your family or financial situation changes or is unusual, contact the school's Financial Aid Office.

When you are ready to begin the NPC, you can sign in with your College Board user name and password or as a guest. The advantage of signing in is that the information you enter will be saved in your account, so you can use it again and again to calculate your net price at other colleges of interest. Good luck!

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    How does the Net Price Calculator work? Based on the information that you provide, the NPC determines the amount of scholarships, grants and the other types of financial aid that is available to you at Waynesburg University. Your "net price" is the difference between the estimated aid and the cost of attendance. Remember, when comparing schools, you should consider not only their direct costs (Tuition, fees, room and board) but, more importantly, those costs minus the available aid.

The Net Price Calculator (NPC) is designed to estimate the types and amounts of financial aid that you may qualify for at Waynesburg University in 2012-2013 as a first-year, full-time student. We hope that this tool will provide you with insight into your financial opportunities at the University, and thus enable you to make an informed decision regarding your college choice.

As you use this NPC, please remember:

1. The NPC is not an application for admission or financial aid at Waynesburg University. This should be completed at https://www.waynesburg.edu

2.  The results are only as accurate as the information that you provide in the NPC.

3. The NPC  provides you with an estimate of your net price and aid eligibility at Waynesburg University. The official aid determination will be provided to you after you have been admitted to the University and have completed the 2012-2013 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

4. You should complete your FAFSA by the end of February of the year that plan to attend college. Be sure to list Waynesburg University (School code #003391) on your FAFSA.

Completing the NPC should take no more than a few minutes of your time. You will need to answer some basic questions about your  parents' and your financial situation, so it might be helpful to have recent federal tax forms or pay stubs on hand before you begin.

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